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CoronaVirus Survivours

Nowadays, Coronavirus is killing thousands of people all over the world, while its presence is changing our daily lives drastically.

Day One for me was on March 7, 2020. The company I work for was obliged to reduce its staff by 40%. I got scared. The first question that came to my mind was, where will I get the money to pay my bills?

March 13, 2020, President Donald Trump declares a national emergency to combat the rapidly spreading coronavirus disease. Here is the point where I was shocked. I didn't know what to do or think as my mind did; it went into self-piloting. Endless questions began to invade my brain; is this kind of a political game, or is it a new reality? What's this virus with a royal name that is taking thousands of lives in no time? How come a simple virus is defeating the health department of developed countries? How long will this situation last?

There is a fact that I never knew and now that I do, I can't process it. How come that the world's scientists, for centuries, have been unable to find the antidote of many viruses? But, the scariest question is, how will they find the cure of this deadly, royal virus within weeks?

March 21, 2020, the world is on fire. People are losing their life rapidly, and the myth that only the oldest people are vulnerable doesn't stand. The truth is that the victims of CoronaVirus are all kind of ages from 9 years old to 80+. Italy went red; its victims reached up to 800 dead within a day, while in the US, the cases reached up 26,000 people infected.

Worthy to point out here that a few days ago, the infected worldwide were around 150,000 people while today, the number has doubled, to more than 335,000, in which 14,600 people are dead.

Six-digit numbers scared me to death. If the Coronavirus symptom is shortness of breath, then I am sick, but not of its infection, due to the fear of its power, this virus is taking people's lives rapidly and tragically.

Now we are in a Survival State, and forced to be passive, lookout at home, trying to survive until the scientist finds the weapon to kill the enemy/virus.

Being passive in Survival State doesn't sound fun at all. Enjoying life, feeling, creating or changing it is my type of shot. There is no way life can run under my nose without my participation.

However, if CoronaVirus wants to have fun out there I'm gonna be here creating a new reality in my garden and in my neighborhood.

I'm going to start with a physical training; I'll strengthen my body and shape my curves, kinda gym at home, or hiking in the neighborhood? I love the idea of hiking; will give me the chance to explore the hidden parts of my community. Will also, give me the opportunity to know in person my neighbors. This is cool! It looks like fitness is my best option to stay healthy and updated.

Mental Health is my next concern and books are an excellent solution to keep the mind active. In my case, I need a well-written story that can hold me browsing through its pages.

Meditation seems to be an intriguing option to clear my brain of unanswered questions that terrifies me. While digging into YouTube, I found some Guided Meditations or Music Meditation that seemed helpful to start my day or to keep me in a creative or even more, in a productive mood.

In life, there is a beginning and an end to all, and the beginning of a new reality full of joy and fun goes with a Verb a day. I decided to enjoy my days Off Work or alias my Quarantine with new activities. Adopting a verb a day and defining it as the action of the day. This way I will stay active and happy. Therefore today my Verb is, Cooking, here goes the old proverb; "The path to a man's heart is in his stomach."

The verb cooking was fun for countless reasons and advantages. Yesterday I started my day with a Video Call to my colleague and friend asking her to teach me to cook Vegetarian Lasagna, and here is her video.

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