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Explore a Non-Traditional Love Story

Hello everyone, it's Book Suggestion Friday, and we found a special book to read this weekend. A book that will elevate our happy mood as high as the upcoming Sunday's Grammy awards show will.

City of Girls: A Novel,
City of Girls: A Novel

The Golden Pen of Elizabeth Gilbert and her transformative journey have been embraced and loved by millions of people around the globe.

Gilbert's peaceful story in the book Eat, Pray, Love has influenced and inspired its readers, worth mentioning here, Julia Roberts, who successfully played Elisabeth's life in the film of the same title.

City of Girls: A Novel, Gilbert's latest book, is set in the flashy theater world of the 1940s to explore a non-traditional love story. The regret and nostalgia of the protagonist, as we walk within her life in the show biz, reveal the consequences of living her truth, we also learn what it means for a woman to embraces her sexual power.

City of Girls: A Novel is a must-read book, a fascinating story traversed by a wonderful narrative voice that keeps you walking passionately through its pages.

Happy Reading!


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