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Magnitude 3.6 Earthquake Shook Granada Hills in L.A.

Even if you didn’t feel it, lots of celebrities did. Last night Twitter was washed by worries or pride of celebrities who moved to live in the City of Angels informing people what it looks like feeling the earth shaking under your feet.

Magnitude 3.6 earthquake with 4.3 miles depth struck at 11:41 p.m. on Tuesday, shaking the San Fernando Valley and elsewhere in the L.A. area.

"No thank you earthquake," wrote The Act's Joey King

"Hey LA, was that just an earthquake?" tweeted Olivia Munn.

"My first thought after grabbing the dog was, 'I'm gonna look so cute in this outfit if the fire department comes." tweeted Hannah Montana.

Cool, now we know how to make fun with the Force Majeure but do we know how to deal with earthquakes, since predicting and preventing those looks impossible.

Earthquake is a happening for what some of us aren’t prepared to deal with it, as Sarah Silverman tweeted last night, "I still don't know what to do during an earthquake."

Many earthquake faults lie underneath this part of the L.A. region, such as strands of the Sierra Madre fault zone. Last night L.A. had a small earthquake, but you never know when the “big one” is going to strike. Ready yourself by learning the earthquake preparedness guide and build your own emergency kit.

  1. Drop down and take cover under a desk or table. ...

  2. Stay inside until the shaking stops and it is safe to exit.

  3. Stay away from bookcases and other furniture that can fall on you.

  4. Stay away from windows and light fixtures.

  5. If you are in bed – hold on and stay there.

“There are no reports of damage or injury,” said The Los Angeles Fire Department referring to last's night earthquake. Nevertheless, standard precaution officials are still patrolling the area with vehicles and helicopters.

The epicenter of the earthquake was in the area of the Van Norman Lakes Reservoir, near the intersection of the 405, 5 and 118 freeways.

Van Norman dam was replaced after the magnitude 6.6 Sylmar earthquake in 1971 nearly caused a collapse and forced a sweeping evacuation of 80,000 people; its replacement dam survived the magnitude 6.7 Northridge earthquake of 1994 with no damage.

P.S. My bedroom was right at the heart of the last night's earthquake and I just got there when the earth started jumping under my feet. Correct, I felt my bed and the dresser jumping not shaking.


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