Not Jealous, Turned Off!

Jealousy is a dirty word, which unfortunately has been used, more often, by everyone. Dirty because its feelings hurt throughout all our being that much that makes us loses the mind. Given the fact that we do not know how to deal with, we send it back right where it came from, to whom it belongs.

Kinda feelings that lead us to revenge, to hurt back in the worst possible way. Kinda feeling that guides us towards dirty actions for which we will feel sorry but also regret it.

“You pull out the best of me” it’s a classic line said more often in the moment of happiness. No reason to doubt here but once jealousy starts beating in the rhythm of the heart, the whole world turns upside down transforming us to predatory beasts. Due to remaining faithful and static we start beating ourselves as much as we can, with everything we have. The dynamism of life it crushes us, the unknown scares us.

Let’s be brave to dig deeper and finding out where it came from and what Jealousy is. Doubts of our abilities or skills seems like the main cause of Jealousy’s feelings, as these complex feelings refer to thoughts of insecurity, fear, and anxiety over a relative lack of possession or security.

It’s all about what’s mine belong to me. How dare you take it away from me? You do not have the right to even watch it. Right? Children become furious if another child takes their toys. Women become beast if their man has been having fun with another one. Your best friend hates you because you got the promotion that she/he wanted.

We are what we have been cultivating ourselves throughout our lives to feat to this well-organized society, but if we lose even one of our possessions, the insecurity turns us into a wild beast that destroys everything it can.

Wait a minute, is that what we want, to be mad, sad, or unwanted? Damn, it's not fun into being unworthy or unsafe. While it feels so good and sexy the feelings of being appreciated, recognized and loved.

Wait a minute, is that what we want, to be mad, sad, or unwanted? Damn, it's not fun to feel unworthy or unsafe, we all keen to feel appreciated, recognized and loved.

What shall I do when my husband plays around in full romance with another woman?

OMG, this woman will take away my husband, my home, my neighbors, my friends, my habits…, my everything. Now it is time to act, it's about who will rule she, or me and of course it will be me. I'm the strongest, I'm the wife, I'm the queen, I'M!

Gosh, I listen to myself and I got scared of my beasty. A war with whom, with myself, with people I love. My children will get affected by this unworthy war? Hell no!

I choose Life with its dynamic!

I’m not a Jealous, I just turn off! Wow…I should take the time to explain to myself how I felt in the moments of losing something or someone I love. I’m referring to the present because I never stopped loving the ones I love no matter how much they tried to hurt me. Moreover, love is, an infinitive verb that in syntax conveys a state of being. In a nutshell, love is the source of life!

I am not jealous because I know, life’s potential lies in the beauty of the continuous change, which we call Progress.

Yes, I turn off the useless emotions, because I Trust Life, Myself and Future.

I chose Faith, Love, and Joy, everything else is out there but not my type of shot.

2017 Elira Bregu Los Angeles CA USA