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Why Stand By a Liar?

“Why are you diminishing yourself by trusting liars who have no respect for themselves but also made you feel unworthy?” You ask in worry.

This is an exciting question in need of a truthful answer since the Truth (the opposite of a Lie) in moral philosophy stands as a significant column.

How about I start with a fundamental question? Why do people lie? Is fear the main reason for all evils that appear in our lives? The fear of being judged could compel someone to escape the Truth, to give half of it, or even twists it completely. Would we excuse a lie that serves a higher purpose?

People deceive others when they want to grab something from others because they don't know another way how to get it. People make promises knowing that they cannot keep. He is married and not brave enough to tell the truth that he wants to have fun in life but to stand by his wife as well. The fear of losing her makes him jump from one lie to another until one day; there will not be clouds enough to hide the mountain of lies built by his actions.

Yes, it bothers me, although I know that the lie in itself is not a capital sin but a crooked way to achieve the object of the sin. In a nutshell, a Liar is not to be feared; he lies because he lacks the energy to achieve his aim in the real world, so he reaches it in the imaginary one.

Things and relationships are made for a reason, to serve something or someone. Sneakily taking them will fit the need to be held in storage among the other possessions but will serve a different purpose than their creation. Storing things and relationships is useless and madness, which we call a Hoarder in the civilized world.

"Why do some people live in a civilized society and act as jungle's predators?" you wonder by adding, "although nature has imposed stricter laws in the jungle."

Formulating the question differently, such as why do people break the rules? I would say to overpower others, to serve a higher purpose, or to prove the dysfunction of the rule.

Politicians' lawyers or generals have used Triumph by deception. But, historically, Triumph at any cost has not been able to stand in time. The Watergate scandal will forever taint Nixon's presidency. On the other hand, the European families who lied to Germans seeking Jews to execute, "No, there are no Jews in my home," are still honored because they lied for a higher purpose, to the risk of their own lives to save the guests.

Heroes never lie. Their actions have paved a brilliant path toward peace and wealth. The Christian martyrs during Roman persecution accepted to be burned alive for not denying Jesus Christ. Emperor Diocletian, who couldn't perceive the power of truth, was astonished and declared: "I don't understand these people dying of stubbornness."

Back to the main question, why do I keep standing by people who act unconsciously?

You would do the same if you knew that a liar is not dangerous in front of an intelligent self-centered human being; he is to be helped or punished if the consequences are disastrous.

Becoming a crystal mirror for a liar so he can see his actions through it will also teach you patience and goodness. Walking away is also an option, especially when the liar has worn you out. Here goes Jesus Christ's well-known counsel, "Give not that which is holy unto the dogs, neither cast ye your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet, and turn again and rend you."

Baby, no worries. No one can make me feel worthless but me. Due to constant life experiences, I know by heart the way out from the dark moments of weakness or people.

Living the truth kept me well-connected to myself and my inner being. Remember, only the truth can set us free, in case freedom, joy, and wealth are what you are aiming for.

When you say that people never change, neither the liar, I say I don't want them to change; I want them to understand their actions.

I'm not here to change the world. I'm here to understand it and to feel its entire existence, even its contretemps.

P.S. A Heartfelt Thank You to my friend Argus for the wider view of the subject and my niece for pointing out the topic.


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