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Chapter I

Harvest of Surrender

In this chapter, Nektarios takes center stage with a clear goal in mind: securing a wealthy wife for his younger brother, Stephen, to ensure the lion's share of their family wealth. Meanwhile, Stephen, accompanied by his best friend, leads an agricultural revolution in the region, bringing about significant changes.

Nektarios's influence becomes even more pronounced as he orchestrates Stephen's marriage to Marina, a teenager living with her wealthy father. The intricate connections between characters deepen as Stephen becomes an indispensable asset to Philip, an oil merchant who happens to be the father of Stephen's future wife.

The narrative highlights the dynamics of relationships and friendships, mainly focusing on the inseparable bond between Andrea and Stephen. Together, they navigate the challenges of farm life, collaboratively shaping both their personal and professional destinies.

As the narrative unfolds, Marina's adolescent infatuation with the charismatic Stephen introduces a layer of complexity to the story. The chapter delves into the traditions of the village, underscoring the gravity of marriage as a societal contract laden with responsibilities.

The climax of the chapter is marked by Stephen's grand wedding to Marina, a ceremony challenging conventional notions of life as a divine paradise. The narrative boldly asserts that life's course is within our control, emphasizing the theme of surrendering to life itself.

Amidst the playfulness and laughter, the chapter leaves readers with a profound message: life's potential to become a nightmare is rooted in our weaknesses. The characters grapple with the intricate web of relationships, societal expectations, and the consequences of their choices, setting the stage for the unfolding drama in the subsequent chapters of this captivating tale.

03 - Chapter 1Joey - The Future of Tomorrow
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The future of tomorrow

by Elira Bregu

"Joey" is a coming-of-age story based on an actual diary about Joey's dangerous journey to freedom away from his older siblings' tutelage and the dictatorial regime. Failure throws Joey into new and traumatic experiences to survive in a cruel society with countless restrictions. The treacherous social environment, the imprisonment, the contempt, and the ill-fated romance are some of the obstacles the protagonist is called upon to face in his journey for a better life. Joey's life and challenges raise important questions: How will a young man with a troubled soul be shaped in an unknown society filled with prejudices, mistrust, and restrictions? Furthermore, to what extent can LOVE be a driving force towards personal and societal growth?

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