Book Description


A collection of random notes a continuum that happens to everybody, to every humane person on the earth. This book is a compilation of the self-talk that echoes inside of us. We have tried to put that into words, totally rhythmic and colourful indeed.


We have no agenda or any rules to follow but there is a unique knowing in us, each day and each moment it surfaces in many forms. We only wish that the pages in the book became part of your life like the beautiful moments we carry in our hearts in our daily lives.

I am feeling fortunate to write this book, as in this book, I have included the most effective ways of living a positive and happy life. Though the language is easy and simple to understand, the words are very effective to shake you, so that you can also learn this mantra of living life positively and happily. It has covered all the aspects of your life – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.


This book will enable you to have knowledge about all your seven bodies, which is the first step to walk on the path of growth. After the first step of gaining knowledge about all the seven bodies, the book gives elaborate details about how to go stepwise till the last body. In short, in this book, I have a complete guideline of the path from 'knowing' to 'being'.


I have also included some meditation techniques with simplified instructions so that you can practice them easily, even if there is no one to teach you. Whereas earlier the meditation was considered to be something that could not be done without guidance.


And last, but not the least I have also written about my own experiences that I went through while walking on the spiritual path, the experiences were tremendously enlightening and fulfilling. My heart was and is full of gratitude for the existence. The love and happiness are so much overflowing that I felt compelled to share with you, my dear readers.


I hope, reading this book will also persuade you to go on your own journey and find your true self. That serves my purpose of writing this book and sharing my energy with you.


Manita Bajaj (ShunyOm)

2017 Elira Bregu Los Angeles CA USA