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A transgender man is a pregnant dad!

I won’t write about the deadly terror attacks these days in London. I won’t advertise the criminals who are trying to spread panic around the world by killing people like the frenzied mosquitos. I believe that if we all ignore them and especially their terrible actions, they will definitely disappear from the pages of world history.

Today I prefer to talk about human rights in a well-organized society in which we live, for its evolution and civilization. Today I’ll write about Trystan Reese, the 34-year transgender from Portland, Oregon who 4 years ago married Biff Chaplow. They both are fathers of two children but now they are waiting for their first biological child to be born. And trust me this isn’t a Chuck Norris joke. Keep reading please.

The married couple two years ago, after a hard journey through court hearings and custody battles, earned the right to be the parents of Chaplow's niece and nephew, who were living a traumatic home life.

Months later, Trystan decided to get pregnant. For that reason, he stopped taking testosterone and his periods started resuming for the first time in 10 years.

After a painful miscarriage, instead of blaming his body for failed attempts, Trystan found the way to understand and be gentle to himself. "I just sort of thought maybe this isn't meant to be. Maybe we learned what we were supposed to learn from this experience, and we need to just sort of accept where we are and this beautiful family, we have which is not a consolation prize at all.” he said. A kind of acceptance that encouraged him to keep working on his goal.

Months later he woke up feeling sick. As he was lying on the tiles of the bathroom floor, he grabbed a test and ..., he started screaming, “Oh my god this is actually happening. I’m pregnant!” Then he ran to the bedroom to share the news with his husband, whose reaction that morning was kind of, “I told you” Then he fell back sleeping.

The next issue of the pregnant transsexual dad was the reaction of the staff at the clinic that was to take over his pregnancy. Trystan felt anxious about the doctors. Were they aware and prepared to treat a pregnant dad? "There hasn’t been an ounce of transphobia from anyone I have come in contact with.” He explained to the media, “I expected to have to show extra ID, them to have to call their manager, all kinds of things and none of that happened. I went to give blood at the phlebotomy lab, checking in with the person at the desk and she would type in my Medical Records ID and she was like 'OK you're here for the six weeks for the blood test. Congratulations, you look good.'”

Once he came out of the clinic with the positive results in his hand, Tristan sent the happy breaking news to his mother by writing her a short email. And she responded right away, “Congratulations. I know you're going to be a great dad. There's no reason why only screwed up people should have kids."

Their son, Riley, was happy about the new baby coming to their family, but also worried about the reaction of his peers at school. What might they say about his dad's pregnancy? Meanwhile their daughter, Hailey, happily told everybody in her class that she's going to be a big sister because her dad is transgender and he’s having a baby.

What about our reaction? Let’s start to see the facts once again. Years ago Trystan was a SHE, who decided to call herself HE. Then she married a man and they both are called a gay couple. Why’s that? Physically Trystan is a woman who married a man and now she’s pregnant dad? Are you confused? Me too.

You know what, I give up. I’m not going to judge their decision; this isn’t my job. But I’m telling you man, this is a messed-up situation in a wonderful world.

And please Trystan make up your mind what you wanna be, a man or a woman? Nature created the female to bare a child not the male.

I know I shall attract wails of derision from the ‘politically correct’, as it is apparently no longer ‘politically correct’ to respect life the way Nature/Life is created. However, I’d sooner respect the way Life operates than to pander to the perversions of ‘political correctness’.

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