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Mexico coast has been hit last night by an earthquake of 8.1

The southern coast of Mexico has been hit last night, September 7th, by an earthquake of 8.1 killing at least three people, provoking small tsunami waves and buildings damage.

The epicenter of the earthquake was Southern state of Chiapas triggered within three hours waves that arrived in Mexico higher than 2.3 ft (0.7 m).

In Mexico City, just before midnight, alarms sounded after the quake struck and residents ran out into the streets in pyjamas, some wrapped in blankets against the cool night air. Several neighborhoods of the capital went out of power, some buildings were severely damaged and windows at the airport were broken.

The national disaster agency of the Philippines put on alert for a possible tsunami the eastern seaboard of the country without the order of forced evacuation. The residents are told to monitor emergency radio broadcasts.

In the region of the quake epicenter, until now, are no immediate reports of problems of the State oil company Pemex and its installations or of the Salina Cruz refinery.

In 1985 the Mexico City was devastated by an earthquake that killed thousands of people, but initial damage reports in the city were limited.

May God Bless Mexico and its people!

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