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Why love hurts?

Why Love Hurts is a lifetime wonder, and when I write the word "hurt" I mean, it damn hurts like a devil. It burns us within.

In this life, I considered myself very lucky for having lived Love at First Sight. Kind of Love where we both got lost in Divine feelings rose by kissing and touching each other.

Feelings that emanate straight up from the Heart and made us lose contact with time and space.

Feelings not imposed by our partner's social status, job or money, or from the calculation of facts with the situations.

The next morning when I woke up energized and full of love suddenly I started judging myself. I couldn’t believe that the previous night I trusted my guts, letting myself free to enjoy love moments with a stranger.

My thoughts got blurred by fears and calculations. The wondering of “What if” almost killed the beauty of the previous night which had made my heart fly with angels.

Thinking my personal past experiences terrified me, while the uncertain future made my new Romantic Relationship shake in fears.

Right in the next day our Love feelings were transformed in a New Romantic Relationship where the first drama showed up with tears floating like a river towards the sea... So did the pain!

"Love itself arises beyond mind and it helps us to grow, expand and create. While romantic relationship hurts because in order to survive it needs lots of drama which increase the intensity in relationship.” Eckhart Tolle said.

Oh my God that's so true... Love had never hurt me, whenever I was blessed enough to enjoy its beauty by being fully present!

Enough of drama! I won’t allow my mind be feeded by pain. I wanna enjoy Love and its power.

LOVE EXIST in PRESENT, only in NOW it can empower a creative life.

The Eckhart Tolle audio here helps to overcome past mistakes and have a Healthy Love Relationship.

Dedicated to my Love at First Sight!

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