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Pregnant American teenager moved by U.S. Forces to Iraq

"The U.S. forces had moved a person who is under 18 years old to Iraq from Syria" said the Pentagon on Tuesday. Two U.S. officials told Reuters that the girl was a pregnant American teenager.

Earlier this month the same girl was interviewed by CBS News, near Raqqa the Syrian city that Islamic State once called its capital immediately.

The 15 years teenager from Kansas had been brought to Syria by her father, an Islamic State supporter. But now the girl is in the hands of State Department officials in Iraq and is going to travel back to the United States, but the U.S. officials did not say when.

Three weeks ago, U.S.-backed militias declared victory in Raqqa and the teenager's father, the U.S. citizen fighting for Islamic State in Syria, surrendered to U.S.-backed militias and was handed over to U.S. forces.

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