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Oscar: An overproduction show to evaluate the efforts of those pursuing their dreams.

Today is a celebration day in Hollywood where many artists will be honored for their efforts of pursuing their dreams.

An overproduction show will start shortly at the Dolby Theater, in the heart of Hollywood, to evaluate the nominated artists of the seventh art, or even better to award them for their magnificent work during the 2017 year.

The Academy Awards is all about recognizing the excellent achievements of artists and technicians of the cinematic world, their concentrated and consistent work towards their dreams.

Come on folks you really don't believe that the life of the nominated Smart Workers is as Glamorous as it looks at the Oscars? You know that no one of the artists all over the world is always dressed up in gold or diamonds.

Artists are Human Beings just like you and me, who grow through daily challenges with different issues to solve, and plenty of them, Probably the only difference between the Oscar nominated people and some of us is that they know what they want and they work constantly, perhaps for whole lifetime, towards the realizations of their dreams.

Let's get ready, to enjoy the glory of the accomplished dreams and who knows, maybe tonight, during the show one of us will set up a dream to work toward.

Tonight could be a Stellar Night for Several People out there.

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