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How to recognize a Sex Addict Person?

Have you ever been around with addicted people? Of course, we all have in our neighborhood, work, or family at least one alcoholic person. But, do you know any Sex Addict Person? Maybe you couldn’t recognize him/her since they know to well-hide themselves after a kind behavior.

Sex Addict often live a double life because they are trapped by a complicated web of secrets and lies they have told in order to maintain their sexual activities. They have a compulsion to engage in sexual behavior that leaves one feeling anxious and depressed or guilty and ashamed.

However, let me refresh or enrich your knowledge. Sex Addicts seem so passionate about you as if they have fallen in love with you. But, pay attention right after their compulsive sexual act when they get distanced. Why?

Compulsive sexual behavior is what Sex Addicts use to numb out their emotions, just like alcoholics often use staying drunk to avoid feeling their underlying difficult emotions. Right after that they feel a deeply permeating sense of shame at the core of their being.

God, horrible isn't it for not fully assimilating the power of making love.

Emotionally Sex Addicts cannot connect with none of the countless women they have slept with. They spend hours watching porn, scanning sex ads, and frequenting massage parlors or sex workers in multiple countries.

Making Love is not a funny action for a Sexual Addicted Person. Their thoughts go like,

“I have such a tornado of pain inside of myself that I either have to kill myself or compulsively act out to numb the pain.”

The consequences of the Sexual Addicts can be fatal. Some of them knowingly have unprotected sex with people who have life-threatening diseases as the STI’s. Others can spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on sex workers, going further and further into debt to fund their compulsive behavior.

Sex Addicts will never admit their addiction unless their life became unmanageable, only then they will commit to make a real lasting change in their habits.

Huh…, here’s where we should define what addiction looks like. An unhealthy habit is the best description of it. Doing consistently something that you do not want to do it is the Compulsive Behavior, otherwise Addiction. If any behavior has control over you, then it has likely become a problem in your life.

A Sexual Addicted decides to give up having anonymous sex right at the moment when he is putting his pants after a quickie with a total stranger. You recognize him/her now, don't you?

Sexual Addiction and Love Addiction as well are the most challenging addictions to overcome. They look like the Eating Disorders, it’s impossible to just give up food, love or sex for life. They are interwoven into the fabric of our being and so the goal is to integrate them into our lives in a healthier way.

The only way out of Sexual Addiction, Pattern is to feel and work through the underlying emotional wounds (Usually they are Childhood Wounds) that keep them stuck. Hmm, hard work huh? You can turn it into a Smart Work which will promise you easy and efficient results. Consider it as the only option process.

Stay tune we will continue on March 8th, 2018.

Before moving to the next chapter remember, being engaged in inappropriate sexual relationships does not mean you are a Sex Addict.

Men and women who are concerned about sex addiction should take the Sexual Addiction Screening Test here.

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