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What happened at the magnificent Oscars Night?

The Academy Awards Show, created unforgettable moments of history last night.

A magnificent oyster's shell full of Swarovski gemstone embraced the Oscars’s Grand Stage and Jimmy Kimmel is still the best Host ever.

Brilliant idea of asking life, in front of billions people around the world, one of the greatest movie directors, Steven Spielberg, "Do you have any Pot?"

It is true Matthew McConaughey presented Film Editing Award at the 90th Oscars' Night.

Not fair but at least M.M. was on stage and his friends at the Dolby Theater Hall!

#timesup and #metoo were there although Jimmy Kimmel had declared 'won't mention it" Can't Stop That Now, can you?

What a perfect combination of Jane Fonda and Ms. Helen Mirren on Oscars Stage. They declared, they are Younger than The Oscars itself though...

An Englishman with 99-years-old mother, Gary Oldman got The Oscar Statue in the heart of Hollywood.

Meryl Streep is fabulous but it’s too much of her every year... just give us a break, please.

Frances McDormand is one of the best combinations of the Human Being and Artists in the world. So are all the incredible artists of the drama Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri including .

Happy Emigrants Artistic day! Guillermo del Toro, a declared Emigrant, is the Great WINNER of the 90th Academy Awards. It is Oscars Show folks, just from its Stage every year we get interesting messages.

That was all from the celebration of the accomplished dreams.

The Oscars show, in a nutshell, is an Appraisal Moment of the Lifetime Efforts and not the Artists Lifestyle...

Guillermo del Toro and Shape of the Water

Me today at the Show... Do I really am like this? Not really... Watch the slideshow below.

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