Today we remember, Women Noblest Profession.

Today is March 8, the 67th day of the year in the Gregorian calendar.

Today we honor women and her deeds.

Today we honor life given by women.

Today we remember, Women Noblest Profession of being a Mother.

I have always been wondering why women try so much to be accepted by men.

Why do women need to prove that they are better than men?

Women nowadays have succeeded in every aspect of life.

Women today are great politicians, remember the Iron Lady of Great Britain, Margaret Thatcher? How about the top European politician, Angela Merkel who for 11 years is leading Germany in the golden epoch.

Women for centuries have proved worthy in all areas of life.

Women are chastity warriors, diligent and persistent scientists, and flexible politicians.

Women are humble and kind artists.

Women know how to serve the poorest of the poor and to live among them, like them, just as Mother Teresa did.

Women can restrain themselves from excessive anger or from their cravings with calmness and self-control.

Women are blessed with the Noblest World Profession by being mothers and rising up Thoughtful People.

Empower and encourage women to serve the world with what they know best, help them be a good mother.

The world right now craves for thoughtful, kind, diligent, and humble people which only woman can offer it successfully.

Happy International Women’s Day among all Human Beings.