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Fake Celebrities' Accounts is the new method to steal money?

Social Media is the quickest world to connect with people, to promote your skills or your business, and of course to get informed what happens around the whole world.

Nowadays you don’t need an agent or publicist to raise your values, just be yourself and show it through your personal account in social media where your influence it is measured by your followers, likes or comments.

This is the easier way to be informed in real time, or to be promoted just as easy as to be scammed.

Mark Zuckerberg real account on Instagram

Once we were afraid of thieves entering our home and stealing our wealth. Now, in the era of fake money, (credit cards and bank accounts) thieves have found new opportunities to get what they want, money and power.

If your accounts on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, have reached a large number of followers certainly, you are on the thieves’ list to be stolen. And of course, even if you follow fake accounts you still are on that list.

Large numbers of followers promise big money to be made from just one picture on your social media. According to the "Influencer Marketing Agency," Instagrammers with the most followers can earn around $20,000 just for a single post. Wow, how cool is that?

No wonder why many celebrities have been caught out for having paid for followers like Kendall Jenner, Katy Perry, and Justin Bieber the all have been accused of buying followers. Greedy enough aren’t some celebrities?

Real Michael Bolton account

The main reason why scammers steal the celebrity’s accounts or create Fake Accounts on their name is to steal money from celebrities' fans.

Celebrities’ impersonators acquire fake Google issued cell phone numbers or e-mail accounts (usually @gmail) to text their victims and get their money.

Keanu Reeves impersonator once guided a lady almost to the suicide. In case you are interesting, the Canadian actor, Keanu Reeves doesn't have any social account.

For the sake of truth, even Mark Zuckerberg himself, the Facebook genius, is still being impersonated on social media, so does Woody Harrelson, Russel Crow, Hugh Jackman, Jeremy Renner, Micahel Bolton Prince Harry, Matthew McConaughey, Leonardo DiCaprio, etc.

Be aware, if you receive a message from non verified celebrities accounts before you take any action come here and observe carefully the photo of they real account.

The easier way to recognize authentic celebrity account is to spot the verification icon, a blue circle labeled with a white check mark that appears on an account's cover photo to the right of the celebrity's name. If this icon doesn’t show up on the celebrity’s name, then you just run away from that page other ways you will get in trouble.

To be continued with the celebrities’ statements about being impersonated.

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