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Change is inevitable resisting will cause irreversible hard situations

Change begins with an ending and it is inevitable. Everything in the universe is constantly changing, right down to the very cells in your body.

Change is going to happen, with or without your permission. You might as well learn to accept change since it's happening anyway. As a matter of fact, if you can learn to welcome change and develop a belief that change is good, you will be much happier and better able to handle whatever life sends your way.

Robert Kennedy once said, "Progress is a nice word. But change is its motivator. And change has its enemies."

Change is part of Human Life Cycle, just like the butterfly's life cycle.

Caterpillars experience dramatic changes in their life. As they age they change from larval to butterflies.

The caterpillars know how to surrender to life. They manage to remain still in a cocoon just to emerge 40 days later as a butterfly with strong and colorful wings.

Accepting change is like surrendering to life cycles and thriving into these.

to let go of the past. I found that if I worked on dropping my past baggage, such as resentments, hurts, and fears, I was able to attract and create a better career, improve my health and develop more enriching relationships.

A big lesson for me was that there wasn't any honor wearing my resentments as a badge. Once I "got" what I was to learn from this lesson, accepting the change, letting go, took less energy actually to do than it did to hang on to it.

It is a draining experience to stay angry. Dropping such baggage is getting complete with the past. It is very liberating and transforming.

You need to complete your feelings, no matter how unpleasant they may be, you need to feel them and then to get into action. Right now, check your feelings, and make a list of all people and situations you need to get complete with.

Start by writing a letter to the person(s) you feel resentful toward, feel hurt about or are still attached to. Freely say everything you want to say and write as many letters as necessary to feel complete, each time going deeper inside to express your full emotions. Do not send these letters, but instead do something with them that leads you to feel you are getting rid of the feelings that block you to accept the change. Flush the letters down the toilet, burn them, bury them, etc.

Get complete and start living the healthy life you are meant to live.

Not ready yet? The letters you wrote didn’t complete your feelings? Call a trusted friend and tell your story to him/her without editing or judging the situation, the person, or your feelings.

If you have the opportunity, communicate with the person you have the in-completion without blaming or being rude. Talk about your feelings and their consequences in your life.

Sometimes our relationships go so wrong, and so much hurt is created, that it is difficult to imagine the person giving us the understanding we need to get complete. In these cases, imagine having a conversation with the person's spirit, attentively listening while you say everything you need to say.

Re-examine the situation from the vantage point of the present. How did you grow as a result? Was there a hidden gift in going through the experience? What did you learn as a result of the situation? Repeat until you can feel gratitude toward the situation and the other person.

Take responsibility and figure out how to prevent a similar situation from happening again.

Repair the damage or loss. If something of yours was taken, replace it with an item, just as good or better. If you were emotionally hurt, give yourself the kind of support, acknowledgment, love, etc., you wanted from the other person. Ask trusted others to provide you with the emotional support you needed and did not get.

Having taken these steps enough times, you will arrive at completion and will be ready to move on to discover your relationship patterns and ultimately attract your ideal relationship, career or lifestyle.

Changing is a life process and resisting to it can cause irreversible hard situations. Embracing the change our life becomes an exciting path towards a healthier life.

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