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Turkish chefs unite for Baklava's Guinness World Records

Turkish Chefs united successfully presented on Thursday the world’s record baklava with a giant tray of the pastry dessert weighing over half a ton.

Dozens of visitors at the “Gastronomy Summit” in Ankara have been able to taste a luscious piece of the world's biggest baklava.

“The baklava weighed 518 kilos and had been in the works for six months.” Said Mehmet Kanbur, the leader of 14 chefs

Guinness World Records official monitored the event by video link and confirmed that the baklava weighed doubling the previous record.

Baklava, whose originate from the Byzantine Empire, is prepared with fresh butter, walnuts, and glistening syrup on top of the crust pastry.

“This is, of course, Turkey’s achievement, Turkey’s baklava,” Mehmet Kanbur claimed by explaining. “You know Turkish people are born eating sweets and die eating sweets... This is what we say to the whole world: eat sweet, talk sweet.”

“This record is a sweet message to the world. Let’s not talk fighting, let’s talk sweet.”

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