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Celebrities’ statements about their Fake Accounts

Fake Celebrities accounts on Social Media was one of our news we shared last week with our readers. The purpose is to increase the awareness of Celebrities Fans and help them to recognize the thieves for not being their victims.

Today we will share the first new celebrities’ statements on the subject.

Here is the first statement made by Hugh Jackman on all his personal accounts:

“Guys, I am aware that people are pretending to me on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Please do not respond, give money, or your personal information. My official handle on each site, has a blue checkmark. I'm working from my end to stop these folks as best as possible.Thank you to those who have sent me messages on this. It's really helpful”

Russell Crowe is another celebrity star who made a funny statement today on his personal accounts:

“This is my Twitter account. It's verified. Has a blue tick. Same with my Facebook and Instagram. Don't be fooled by imposters... even though I'm actually an imposter as a carrier... I am the actual imposter not an imposter of the imposter... anyway, good luck with everything”, wrote Russell Crowe

Looking forward for more impersonated celebrities statements. Until than, Careful out there, the world is beautiful and wild simultaneously.

Check out our last article on March 16, 2018.

.....The main reason why scammers steal the celebrity’s accounts or create Fake Accounts on their name is to steal money from celebrities' fans.

Celebrities’ impersonators acquire fake Google issued cell phone numbers or e-mail accounts (usually @gmail) to text their victims and get their money.

Keanu Reeves impersonator once guided a lady almost to the suicide. In case you are interesting, the Canadian actor, Keanu Reeves doesn't have any social account.

For the sake of truth, even Mark Zuckerberg himself, the Facebook genius, is still being impersonated on social media, so does Woody Harrelson, Jimmy Kimmel, Russel Crow, Hugh Jackman, Jeremy Renner, Micahel Bolton, Prince Harry, Matthew McConaughey, Leonardo DiCaprio, etc.

Be aware, if you receive a message from non verified celebrities accounts before you take any action come here and observe carefully the photo of they real account.

The easier way to recognize authentic celebrity account is to spot the verification icon, a blue circle labeled with a white check mark that appears on an account's cover photo to the right of the celebrity's name. If this icon doesn’t show up on the celebrity’s name, then you just run away from that page other ways you will get in trouble.

To be continued with the celebrities’ statements about being impersonated.

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