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Be an Irresistible Attractive Person

An irresistible attractive being is the one who can recognize his needs and met them all. Life is motivated and driven by Needs, positively or negatively depends on whether we meet them or not. Although when we have identified a key need, getting it met properly still requires time and investment. But, essentially, the Needs satisfaction will reward us for a lifetime; will set ourselves up for a freer and fuller life. Will give us more room and love for other people without competing. We'll feel and project dramatically more self-confidence, without any sign of arrogance.

To meet the needs first we should identify them. What do we need most? Do we want to be heard, touched, respected, or loved? Are we in need of freedom, healthful environment, or security? Is money occupying our thoughts or beauty?

Pivotal Personal Need (PPN) big or small exists for a good reason. If we can uncover that reason, we'll probably be able to accept it as a need and respect it. It's vital to respect and honor our needs although people generally denied their needs.

Needs are good things. They often force us to create strengths or muscles in other areas of our life in order to compensate for the big black holes that PPNs often are. They propel us forward. An example is kids concentrating on their talents to lift them to a better life away from tough neighborhoods.

Here is an essential question, what if we have an unlimited amount of everything will this fact allow ourselves to be the best of all time?

We really can identify and get needs satisfied. It takes work, but it's worth it. Let's face it, many needs are simply scars left over from something bad that happened or something good that didn't happen during our childhood years.

Some children have a driving need for respect from their family. They'd bend over backward doing things in the hope that someone would notice them and tell them how much they’re respected for the hard work they’re doing around the house. There is a moment when children get tired and usually angry because they feel used. What if a child explained to his family that their help will show him respect?

Telling the people around what we need from them and ask them to become willing partners in the project to take care of the need. At this point is better to be aware that some people need us to be needy in order for them to get their needs met. So we should choose carefully those people who have quality time for us.

Life gets improved in all areas as a result of focusing on our needs. We become more sensitized to everything and everyone.

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