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Successful People vs Failure

What is the difference between successful people and failures ones? What is success, and what is failure?

Successful people achieve their goals no matter how small, or big the goals are. If you want a burger for lunch today and you get to eat a burger, this is a successful goal. Also, if you aim to enrich your bank account with a million dollars, you succeed.

But when you put effort into achieving your goal and cannot make it, that is called failure. There is a given count of the steps, but according to the results, which makes you a failure.

Every single human is born with chances given and capable enough to build and reach their goals, but why can some people make it and others not?

The answer is simple; it’s all about the 3 P’s Plan, Progress, and Persistence. Let’s go Deeper. Everyone wants to reach out to the giant pillar of success or achievement. But thinking about the final destination and not acting upon it won’t ever help to reach there. It must be a vision, not a specific GOAL.

So, what takes us to big, massive success? Indeed, to reach somewhere, we’ll have to start from somewhere, and we need the first P – Planning. Failures come from a lack of Planning.

Progress is the second and most important of all 3 Ps. Progress may not show results on the first day or sooner, but continuous work one day will yield.

Lack of Plan, Progress, and Persistence are the building blocks for massive success. Successful people get rewarded in public because they consistently practice the 3 Ps. This is a process, a journey, a series of steps. It starts with the first step and does not commit where it will end. We have to move on every day, sticking to the plan.

Rome was not built in a day; Mutual funds do not return in a year; marriage is not a game or fun for a few years; relations are not for enjoyment; trees were planted years before they started giving shadows and fruits... This is Persistence.

We must keep hope intact. We never know which step could be the final, making us touch the wanted success.

What could be the most significant loss of not being persistent? To keep it simple as always – Imagine you spend a reasonable amount of time and money on Planning. Your plan is brilliant, and you start progressing... You work hard for 99 days, but then you feel hopeless and give up.

Unfortunately, you did not know that one more day could have led you to the GOAL. Just by one day, you lost everything. You could have achieved what you wished for if you had persistence for ONE MORE DAY.

No shortcut, No overnight miracle. Start... Step by step...Persist...and get what you want.

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