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Chocolate Mousse recipe

How about bringing a bit of Mediterranean sweet in our kitchen today? An easy-made, frosty and sexy dessert just in a few minutes.

Chocolate mousse

7 ounce Chocolate of 70%

5 ounce Milk

1 tbsp. honey

1 tbsp. vanilla

1 citrus skin, like orange, lime, or Mandarin.

We start our dessert by boiling the milk, along with the honey, the vanilla and the citrus skin which first we have to rub it on the grater.

Chop the chocolates into small pieces and throw them into the hot milk. Be careful to mix them well all together until the mousse became creamy.

Now it’s time for our dessert to rest in glasses until it cools down, then we can place them in the fridge.

One hour is enough for the chocolate mousse to be served.

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