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Fresh and Hearty Mediterranean Meal

How about bringing a bit of Mediterranean fresh and hearty meal to take to our work next week?

Cooking is the best way to be in peace and in a creative mood at the same time. It makes us feel happy and useful.

Try to spend even less than 30 minutes in the kitchen everyday cooking something, like a simple salad, and feel the beauty of creation.

Chicken Sandwich with Beacon and Arugula

Salsa Ingredients

1 baskets of crusty bread

1.8-ounce smoked beacon

1.8-ounce of dried tomatoes

1 little onion

1 cucumber pickled

1 pepper pickled

Some arugula leaves

Half onion

3 spoonful of mayonnaise

Half spoon of mustard

1 green lemon just the skin

Salt, pepper, and parsley

Preparation of salsa

Chop in a cubic form the dried tomatoes, the onion, the little onion, cucumber and pepper pickled.

Rub the lemon skin in a grater and then chop into small pieces the arugula and parsley leaves.

It’s time now to blend all the chopped ingredients together with the mayonnaise, mustard salt, and pepper until we make a compact sauce.

Filling ingredients

7-ounce chicken fillet

1.8-ounce cheese Parmigiana

Olive oil and a some arugula leaves

Preparation of sandwiches

First, we start by frying the chicken fillet in a pan with a little oil, salt, and pepper. Then we chop the fried chicken in thin belts.

Cut the crusty bread into 4 parts and split each of them in the middle without disconnecting the parts.

Spread the prepared sauce on the bread then place among them the fried chicken fillet, the Parmesan cheese, the beacon, and the arugula leaves.

Sprinkle them all with olive oil and viola the unique snack is ready to be served.

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