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Sugar Tax for beverage containing added sugar or artificial sweeteners

Imposing the sugar taxation is how the governments of different countries around the world are hoping to reduce sugar intake for their overweight or obese citizens.

Scientists have shown that sugary drinks lead to weight gain and diabetes. Therefore, from now on, drinks with a sugar content of more than 5g per 100ml will be taxed in the United Kingdom. The head country of this preventive measure is Norway who first implemented the sugar tax in 1922. But the French law for the last six years is charging manufacturers the equivalent of an additional sixpence per liter for any beverage containing added sugar or artificial sweeteners.

Countries such as Mexico and Belgium have in force for many years the sugar tax law.

This measure does not provide an immediate solution to the obesity problem but for sure will contribute to starting the change happening. The sugar tax intended to force manufacturers, who have the potential to lower sugar levels in drinks, to get sugar down if they want to avoid the tax.

The UK Treasury reported that 50% of soft drinks manufacturers (including retailer own-brands) have already reduced sugar levels. The change is already happening with the different countries government measure helping to find the right source and quantity of sugar for the human body.

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