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The difference between Success and Failure

Why some people are successful and some others are not? Let’s try to understand the difference between success and failure people. But before that, we need to understand what is success and failure.

Let’s keep it very straight

When am I Successful?

If I achieve my goal, no matter how small or big that is or if I eat my desired burger I am successful. If I want to make a million dollar and I make it happen, I am successful.

But, when you put efforts and cannot make it, you are not a success. Yes, you are not! I can give a count to efforts but if you are talking about results, yes have not succeeded.

Now the story starts – Everyone is born, everyone is given chances, everyone is capable enough, then why some people are successful, some are moderate and some are a failure?

The answer is simple; success and failure it’s all about 3 Ps

Plan, Progress and Persists.

Let’s go Deeper –

This is how most people see it. All of us start as a small box shown below. Every one of us wants to reach out to this big pillar of success or achievements. But all failures do the same Mistake. – Only thinking about this massive pillar of success and achievement. If you think about the final destination only, you’ll never reach there. It has to be a vision, not a certain GOAL.

So what will take you to this big massive success?

To reach somewhere, you’ll have to start from somewhere.

To start from somewhere, you need the first P – Planning.

What is planning?Again, I’ll keep it simple.

Now its time for the second P – Progress. This is the most important of all. Progress might not show you results on the first day or on the second day or maybe on day 10.However, these are the building blocks for your massive success.

Successful people are awarded in public one day because they practiced it for years in private. This is a process, a journey, series of steps. This starts with the first step and does not commit where it will end.

You have to move on. You have to take steps, every day. You have to stick to the plan. Taking the first step is no less than success.

Rome was not built in a day, Mutual funds do not return in a year, Marriage is not a game or fun for few years, relationships are not taken to be granted, trees were plants some day before they started giving shadows and fruits, and many more examples show that life is a journey and it needs regular efforts to make it beautiful.

This is Persistence. You have to keep the hope intact. You never know which step could be the final one and make you touch the success you want.

What could be the biggest loss of not having persistence?

As I like to keep it simple as always – Imagine you spend a good time in Planning, spend all your mind and money in it. Your plan is brilliant. You start progressing ... You work hard for 99 days and lost persistence because you are hopeless after these 99 days. But 1 more day could have led you to the GOAL, and unfortunately, you did not know that.

No shortcut, No overnight miracle. Start... Step-step...Persist...and get what you want

rsponsibility to take charge of your life and mold it the way you want.

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