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Build Heartfelt Connection

We all seek to be loved, cared for, validated and desired by others. Being alone is hard and unhealthy. It feels good to be connected to a nurturing relationship.

Sometimes, though, when life just isn't showing up how we want it to, we have to take charge, to make some plans and to create the relationships that are more satisfying.

To stop engaging in superficial conversations we should start connecting to people, just by speaking from our heart. A meaningful conversation begins by asking questions about themselves.

Personally, I'm absolutely in love with someone just because he makes me feel good by dragging out the best of me. I feel specially treated when we talk together. I treasure his gift of politeness to me. Actually, I crave to spend more time with him. Therefore I stay continuously in contact with him, and I also work on deepening and protecting our heartfelt connection.

Having a friend that is nurturing and supportive make us feel good about ourselves, helps us grow healthy. It has a ripple effect, too.

When we feel valued or special, we carry the positive energy into other areas of our life, such as when we're in the workplace, doing errands, and handling money.

I'm sure you agree that things are nice, but it's the relationships that bring real meaning and fulfilment to our lives.

Let’s be courageous! Don't let the fear of rejection, disappointment or abandonment to stop us from reaching out to others. We can create the life we want if we are willing to make a plan and take action with it.

Master the art of connection by appreciating and acknowledging others through asking questions, listening, and responding with integrity. Then protect the relationships by using the simple basics of being polite. Don't settle for mediocre relationships—build heartfelt connections.

A successful relationship refers to two people have found a way to relate to each other, to feels accepted, valued and loved by each other.

Since most people lead very busy lives it becomes important to set specific time aside to connect with loved ones by talking at least 20 minutes each day with each other.

Have fun together, laugh, and do things that you enjoy together.

Many people get caught in hanging on to a hurtful story from the past with the resentment, anger, and critical thinking that shut down our hearts. The truth is that the more energy we give to the choice of withholding love to another, the more this lack grows in us.

How much love do we want to have in life depend on how much we love ourselves.

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