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Time Management to accomplish an enormous number of tasks

We all have the very same twenty-four hours in a day, yet some people are able to accomplish an enormous number of tasks while others never seem to have enough time. I want to make clear a distinction here between Time Management and Behaviour Management.

What is time? Time is emotion, a feeling, a way of looking at life that provides an emotional state. You have heard people say "it feels like an eternity" or "time flies." By changing our focus, we change our behaviour and thus change the quality of our life.

Why do some people seem to have more time than others? The answer is very simple. They manage their time better. Now, I like being spontaneous as much as the next person, however, it is important to employ some system of time management if we want to feel more in control of our life and get more done.

Organizing our time is a sure way to feel as though we have more of it. While there are numerous time management books, tapes and seminars, one of the simplest productivity techniques I ever learned is to list five the most important things I have to do and do nothing else until I complete them. Listing five things instead of ten or twenty it helps to focus my energy on what is truly important.

I realize that this sounds overly simple in our exceedingly complicated world, but before you dismiss it, try it out for two weeks. This simple technique, which has been used by high-level executives, entrepreneurs, and others, for more than fifty years, works.

Eliminating distractions and do only the five items on my list, direct my energy in the most productive direction. Rather than waste my valuable time doing busy work, I do what really matters to my success. Of course, when I complete my list early, I write another one thing to do.

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