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Sex On Roundabouts Surprise Norway's Drivers

The continually wild celebration of Norway’s secondary school pupils it seems that required brakes.

Traditional challenges, known as russeknuter, literally ‘graduate knots,' of young students during the month-long of their final spring semester tends to challenge Norway’s public morals. One of 100 listed challenges involves a prize being awarded for having protected sex on three different roundabouts.

Wild parties, heavy drinking, and hiring buses, cars or vans to travel around local towns it is a public disturbance of the young school leavers, but nudity across bridges and having sex on roundabouts give drivers “too much of a surprise,” said Norway’s authorities.

Numerous accidents, as well as the death of young students aged just 18 or 19, are reported every year during these rampant celebrations.

“No to sex on roundabouts,” Terje Moe Gustavsen, a former minister of transport wrote in his statement. “It is probably not dangerous for a runner to be without clothes on the bridge, but people driving could get such a surprise if they see naked people on the bridge, they might forget they are driving,” he wrote.

“I hardly want to be seen as a killjoy or as Aunt Sofie. But dear graduates: Ringsaker has 97 other challenges to choose from. I’m sure that is also the case elsewhere in the country,” the NPRA director advised against roundabout sex.

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