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Baker, a Tiny Town of Mojave Desert in California

The driest desert of North America is called the Mojave Desert and is located just two and half hours from Los Angeles towards Death Valley. The high temperatures in this tiny town sometimes top 120 Fahrenheit (49 Celsius). Most days, when you step out of your car here, the air hits you like a scalding tidal wave.

Baker, a tiny town with over 700 residents, is where the passers-by usually stop for a mechanic. The Mojave’s deserts punishing heat is tough on cars and trucks, and especially hard on radiators.

But Baker is also the last place to supply travellers with gas, water, and food at a decent price before heading for Death Valley or western Nevada. Even though this small town is mostly a pit stop on the way to someplace else, there are tourist attractions here.

The world’s tallest thermometer is an obvious red and white structure of 134 feet high here and one of the most impressive attraction.

This tall building has lasted long enough since 1913 when the temperature in the nearby Death Valley hit 134 degrees (57 degrees Celsius) so the tourists can take pictures today with the landmark in the background.

Before you see Baker’s other attractions, you’ll probably want to satisfy your stomach with the best bet of the Mad Greek’s Diner. It has a 3.5-star rating on, a high score for a remote desert eatery.

Decorated with white pillars and classical-style statues this Greek restaurant is one of the finest restaurants in the world within an hour’s drive of Baker!

The Mad Greek’s offers gyros, souvlaki, and related ethnic dishes. If you’re not in the mood for Greek cuisine, you can instead eat burgers, sandwiches, Mexican food, or breakfast there.

More Baker's attraction on the next Saturday evening article.

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