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What Money Buy Easily and Beauty Perception

A dreamer from Queen Spadina in Toronto transformed into an Achiever at the City of Angels. We are referring to Aneela Zaman, who turned her love for fashion into a life purpose and founded "Zaman Skincare." Our interview with Aneela created unforgettable momentum and expanded our knowledge and perceptions about beauty.

Mrs. Zaman grew up in one of the most prestigious World Fashion Districts, where the passion and the lifestyles enchanted her displayed in the windows of the stores.

Jeanne Beker's TV show, which featured supermodels like Cindy Crawford, Naomi Campbell, and Claudia Schiffer rocking the runway in Milan and Paris, had a profound impact on Aneela, who would eagerly watch the show every Friday to witness the latest fashion trends.

The teenage Aneela at the end of '90 was fascinated by the multi-facets of the models every time they came out on stage and all that just by makeup.

"Oh My God, she looks so different," she will whisper, impressed by the gold faces of the models, changing from nude lips with big eyes to red lips with no makeup eye.

Watching Fashion shows, walking on the fashion streets, and observing peoples' clothes, hairstyles, and makeup made Aneela think that we Humans are a Walking Canvas. We can change ourselves simply by the way we dress, the colours we put on our faces, and our hairstyle. "We are Artists," she said, smiling during our interview.

How can a beautiful woman like Aneela survive working as an Artist, especially in the city of Los Angeles, which is the literary source of the seventh art?

"With comfort," The Zaman CEO answered, "Most ethnic parents want their children to be academic individuals like a teacher, accountants, or a doctor. Parents usually don't see artists surviving because art is a long journey to survive," she said.

After graduating from college, Aneela took on the position of a dental assistant. She worked a 9 to 5 job, but at least she was good at saving money. Once she managed to have enough money, she left the dental field and went pursuing her dream.

Since we were talking about parents, there was my chance to ask about the genius behind Zaman's skincare products.

Aneela spoke with pride about her father, Sultan Khattak, who worked as a chemist at a leading laboratory in Pakistan. While working there, he discovered the numerous internal and external benefits of the Black Cumin Seed. To take his discovery further, he created a radiant face serum and shared it with his family, including Aneela, who is one of his seven children.

Mrs. Zaman is a beautiful lady who reflects a powerful woman, and I wanted to know where her power comes from.

"Happiness is truly a power," she answered and added, "Life is art, and it depends on how you choose to see it. Do you want to see the beauty of it, or do you want to see the sadness? Personally, when I feel anxious, I start laughing, even when there is nothing to laugh about. Laughing is a contagious act. I start laughing, and everybody around me laughs until it becomes an authentic laugh."

Talking about love due to some tricks that can help relationships, I dared to ask, why does love need promises or approvals?

"That is confusing for me too because I've two failed marriages," Aneela answered, sighing slightly.

"It's the way stories are told to us that makes us believe that love lasts forever. However, the truth is that nothing lasts forever. Nevertheless, when you find a partner who stays with you for a lifetime, that's truly a blessing, but it's also a challenge.

Whenever we impose promises and rules on love, we're bound to be disappointed. I firmly believe in the saying, 'If you love someone, set them free, and if they come back to you, it was meant to be.' In my opinion, love is all about freedom and acceptance." Aneela said.

When discussing marriage, Aneela compared it to two seeds planted simultaneously but nurtured in several ways. “Marriage is a sacred Union, a beautiful commitment that requires work,” she concludes

Why is beauty important in life and what makes it perfectly good looking?

Beauty is in everything. Unfortunately, in today's society, we have a lot of insecurities, partially because of what we are constantly seeing on TV and kind of being told what is beautiful. In old times for artists like Van Gogh, beauty was perceived differently from today. Obviously, women bodies’ curves or hips today are photoshopped.

Personalities are a beauty. Walking with confidence and having high self-esteem is a beauty. Look how attractive the laughter of Plus Size Models is and their true sense of shine as they walk on the runway. Their beauty is their confidence.

What money can buy easily?

Knowledge! My travelling experiences expanded my knowledge of the different cultures and people.

Name one good looking face.

Christy Turlington. Her elegance, confidence, and smile as she walked on the runways were sufficient to omit the fact that she had one eye smaller than the other.

Does the inner world reflect in our outlook?

Oh, absolutely, whatever we tell our minds, we start believing it and the people around us can feel it. Words are a form of energy which affects our life. Whenever we put negative energy in our mind, we do a disservice to our own life.

What's the connection between Art and Science?

Wow, I think science is art. Science is the formulation of creating an art form. That's how it works in my world. In cosmetics or skincare if the elements don't blend properly, they will not look, feel, or smell good.

What are the 5 important characteristics of the men who can walk beside you in life?

"Honesty, with a sense of humour, loyal, intelligent, and kind." Aneela told us laughing.

Certainly, out there are lots of people with Aneela's required characteristics, but life teaches us that we should be ready to enjoy the power of connection otherwise the connection will turn out to be a destructive power that keeps us far from our goal.

Mrs. Zaman will be here with us next week to talk about the Rise & Shine and Sleeping Beauty power of Zaman Skincare Products. Their highly effective formula is proven to tighten skin, remove fine lines and wrinkles, shrink the appearance of pores, repair damage, and increase collagen production all while moisturizing the skin.

In our next article dedicated to Beauty, Zaman Skincare is preparing a surprise for our readers.

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