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Nothing required outside completing me... I am here in all this Omnipresence. Oneness...

The entire universe and everything that exists in it consists of yin-yang, negative-positive, and Shiva-Shakti energy. Humans, trees, animals, stars, moons, rocks, water all have sources of energy which is divided into two. Space and time contain this energy in form of past and future.

The point is to balance the energy form and use it as, and when required by the situation.

No one is just good or bad. We all are the combination of good/bad, Shiva/Shakti, and negative/positive.

The concept of Lord Shiva and his wife Shakti in Hinduism is that Shiva and Shakti merge together to give a concept of Oneness to the world. Lord Shiva has given equal rights to Shakti so, the humans can recognize that balance is the key. Oneness can only happen when the duality of the opposite gets dropped.

The night and the day merge, man and the woman merge representing the synthesis of masculine and feminine energies, negative and positive, yin and yang all merged to oneness. Absent of two makes one happen.

There are ways to balance these energy forms and merge into a Oneness.

Affirmations, Meditation Techniques, Chats, Tantra, Yoga Postures are some of the techniques to merge in togetherness.


I Am Oneness. Nothing required outside completing me...

The concept of Oneness (Advet)


The breathing the mountains make me unshakable, flow with the river makes me unstoppable... the clouds I inhale let me free flow. The smile of the divine is on my lips.

Meditation Technique:

Breathing charges with oxygen our physical body. Helps heart centre processes the oxygen and mixes it in the blood. So by just breathing in and out the ‘prana’ energy flow to crown chakra, on the top of the head.

Meditation Technique Steps:

• Sit straight and let your breath go through each part of your body making it more and more relaxed. Feel the present.

• Be relaxed, open, and connected within. If you need to change the posture, silently, find your comfortable position.

• Pay attention to your navel centre and start humming. Feel the sound hitting the navel centre and activating it.

• As you hum, feel that you are gathering yourself from all over and getting more and more integrated. Let the vibration of humming spread through your body.

• As your body gets charged and vibrant with the humming you become more integrated, completely one within. The body vibrate as a temple of the soul, as a temple of self.

• Stop humming and feel its sound, vibrations within your body.

• Be still and rooted. Let your breathing go deep, till your navel centre fill up your entire body with energies.

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