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Treasures of the Golden Pharaoh in the City of Angels

Would you like to see priceless treasure from the dawn of civilization? Would you like to know how did the archaeologists unleashed a deadly ancient curse?

If so, go to Los Angeles and head over to the California Science Center. There, you’ll see over one hundred and fifty exquisite artifacts which were buried along with the young King Tut and unearthed almost a hundred years ago.

King Tut, more properly called King Tutankhamun, was buried in Egypt’s Valley of the Kings over three thousand years ago. Grave robbers looted the ancient resting place of other Pharaohs, but they never found his tomb, and it remained undisturbed for over three thousand years.

The ancient Egyptians always buried their kings with all the required objects for the afterlife, but King Tut’s tomb is the richest and most intact royal tomb ever discovered in Egypt. His treasures are rich in handy possessions as weapons, magnificent jewellery, and model boats that would grow to full size once the departed ruler reached his postmortem destination. To help King Tut overcome the malignant entities guarding the way to paradise in his tomb were found numbers of magical charms, idols, and other items of power.

Many of King Tut’s treasures are great works of art partly or completely made of gold or gilded with the precious metal.

The artifacts in the exhibition are the masterpiece, the longer you study them, and the more fine details leap out at your eye. On one necklace, you’ll find a pair or tiny baboons, along with the edge of a fine, wooden chest, clean lines of hieroglyphics. An image of Horus, the solar hawk god with wings unfurled, shows multicoloured feathers made of semiprecious stone. Everything is crafted with the devotion which speaks to us across millennia.

Before you take in this unique collection, watch the excellent IMAX film Mysteries of Egypt which tells the story of Tutankhamun narrated by the legendary Egyptian actor Omar Sharif. The tale helps visitors to better appreciate the exhibit.

If you want more, the King Tut’s exhibition ticket covers other exhibitions too, such as the Space Shuttle Discovery, Hands-on Science exhibits for children of all ages and the Marvels both ancient and modern.

The largest Pharaoh Treasures exhibition ever toured! KING TUT: TREASURES OF THE GOLDEN PHARAOH is a once-in-a-lifetime exhibition and has started the world premiere at the California Science Center.

Enjoy the beauty of the world and its treasures.

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