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Met 2018: Celebrating Saints and Sinners

Met Gala 2018, Fashion and the Catholic Imagination, attracted yesterday in New York City bunch of international stars in the field of movies, music and even justice, I am referring to Mrs. Clooney.

Dressed in religious imagination created with contemporary art by the greatest names in the art of fashion the worlds’ most beautiful people climbed 59 steps to reach the Met Museum’s Great Hall where the World Fashion Show was displayed.

George Clooney last night was the best accessories possible of his wife Amal Clooney who climbed the Met stairs dressed in a rose-covered gown.

I will start writing about the honourable men who climbed the runway Met staircase yesterday showing their stunning Catholic Imagination outfits.

Jared Leto, pushed the limits in this fashion show walking on the red carpet dressed in a "Stereotypical White Jesus," followed by the Black Panther, Chadwick Boseman who was pretending to be the contemporary Pope in Black dressed in a white by the crazy Gucci.

Bosman wasn’t the only Pope last night at Met. The best lady to represent a new model of Pop was the beautiful singer, Rihanna.

By the way, why Kate Moss is one of the best models?

How cool is that you go to watch a Fashion Show and the runway started on the red carpet by talented singers, actress, journalist and business people who nowadays are showing their talent as models. Really are models unemployed in our era?

Madonna, who performed on stage, last night, was the artist that the participants were craving to see how religion has influenced her fashion outfit.

Surely wasn’t easy to walk through Fifth Avenue with open wings but it was possible for Katy Perry dressed as an Angels to reach the Met’s Staircase yesterday.

Ho, ho, stop right where the marriage proposal took place last night at the red carpet staircase with a precious diamond ring, without kisses though.

The Sistine Chapel of Michelangelo in the Vatican was unbeatable fashionable dress of Ariana Cardinal's colour and style.

World Fashion Artists have been working thousands of hours just to make the Met Gala an Unforgettable Fashion Night right in the world’s economic capital of New York City.

Kim Kardashian is so fricking Dynamic beautiful lady... for God sake no wonders why she's famous. Undoubted she is Merlin Monroe of our age.

The Hindu religion was present in the last night Met Gala represented by a stunning Hindu American Girl.

The dresses, once more year have had their own moment in the beautiful Manhattan.

Hallelujah, the Queen of the Night, Madona arrived dressed like a Dark Nun covered by a black veil.

The night that celebrated saints and sinners ended up by The Material Girl, who incognito in a monk’s cloak and flanked by a choir of monks, took off her hood and performed …when you call my name...

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