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Silent Unknown Togetherness

I'm tired of spending time with the know-it-alls

The one's who always have an answer

To the mysteries of life

The ones who can so quickly

Regenerate some spiritual cliché

To fend off the silence

Give me the ones who can sit with the unknown

Let's exchange our questions

And sit without answers

Remaining present

To all those uncomfortable feelings

Let's join together

To welcome each other as we are

Not trying so desperately

To "awaken" one another to the "truth"

If "everything is conscious"

As you so love to rattle off

What's wrong with sadness, anger, and loneliness?

What's the problem with these unique movements of life?

Why constantly try to correct

These "unenlightened" experiences?

Where are those who can share their vulnerability?

Where are those who have the courage

To admit they don't have answers?

Where are those who know

How to welcome all expression of life?

Wherever you are, Thank You!

Thank you for listening patiently.

Thank you for sharing yourself so openly.

Thank you for welcoming people as they are.

You inspire me.

I hope our paths cross one day dear friends

And we can enjoy the silent unknown together.


Manita Bajaj (Shunyam)

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