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How to design your home for better lifestyle

Home is a place where one not only lives but spends happy moments with family, friends, and cousins and creates memories to cherish lifelong.

Home is the most secure place for everyone, it’s a place which has culture, tradition, well spend moments, toys, favorite food, love and care all under one roof.

Everyone has thought and pictures of dream home in their mind whenever we talk about home.

A home is not just a building made of bricks and concrete, it’s a place where people lives in with loved ones, where people starts there life journey, where people get tender love and support.

A home is not just shelter, it’s a word filled with emotional attachment of love, joy and happiness seen on an individual face whenever they talk about home.

Everyone want their dwelling to be alluring and appealing which can be achieved only by designing the home in best possible way.

Home designing is a process to make your home fully organized in best possible way and achieve dream home target. There is great feeling of achievement and satisfaction if you live in perfectly designed house.

Home designing is a challenging task with lots of aspects and the budget is a factor not to be neglected.

The main aspects of home designing are:

Living Rooms are common gathering place where we spend quality time with family and friends therefore it needs to be perfectly organized and alluring.

The first thing about living room designing is the layout and storage space.

Open floors gives impression of large space in living room although the seating arrangement should neither be over crowed nor be vacant. Comfortable sofas, ideal soft cushions, and appealing center table are great source of increasing beauty of living room and a small shelf of books adds up bohemian look to living room.

The color combination of living room walls should always complement with furniture, including wooden floors. A natural source of light from the windows is a good option.

Kitchen is a place to be arranged systematically with proper storage space without particular shape of L, U or open one. As kitchen contains large number of items they should be designed in a way to have maximum storage and reachable options. Other most important thing to be kept in mind is chimney locations so smoke could get properly exhausted.

Kitchen should also be designed keeping safety in mind; floors should not be slippery, height of working counters should be high enough, under spaces should be covered for kids safety reasons, ovens and microwave location and height should be properly worked on. Kitchen gardens in back side is a good choice, not only for the fresh vegetable but soothing environment makes cooking pleasure.

Bedroom is the simplest and the most important room of house which makes you calm and refreshing.

Large balcony in the bedroom facing sun or sea gives fresh air and relaxing condition. Keep your bedroom with necessary furniture like closet, working desk, cupboards remember to separate dressing space.

Kid’s rooms designed with some cartoon themes are much needed in nowadays. Scattered toys are a major concern in kids’ room so make sure to have proper provision to store toys properly. Wall of art help kids’ creativity rising up but make sure the study arrangement in their room.

Other factors

Open gardens in homes help you to relax after a tiring day.

Dining space should be located near to kitchen and should have crockery cupboards in an immense lightening.

Vehicles should be parked safely in the proper parking spaces.

Music room at home is a great idea for music lovers.

Interior home designing can be done righteously with the help of professional designers. Trained designers help you notice details precisely and understand your imagination perfectly. They help to build your dream home under your desired budget as well as adding wow factors to your home.

In a nut shell, home designing depends on needs and likes of people, but should be done in a way which suits your life style so that you make maximum utilization of available resources.

It’s a good practice to not have unnecessary items in home as they cover up spaces which can be actually used for other thing. No to forget there should always be immense light sources in homes both natural and electric.

Whenever you plan for home designing you better focus on necessities, prioritize designing choices.

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