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The 18 BET AWARDS Dominated by Rappers, Respect and Honour.

“This is America!” was the first sentence that opened the 18th BET AWARDS show on Sunday night (June 24) at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles.

“Everyone has the opportunity to do something extraordinary, don't be afraid to be a Hero!” Jamie Foxx kept encouraging the youth from the BET AWARDS stage last night.

There is no award show in Los Angeles lately without mentioning the U.S. President's decisions and yesterday Jamie Foxx declared that he doesn’t need a president because he has a king referring to the main character of the Black Panther movie.

The BET show last night was dominated by rappers but we cannot ignore the fact that we missed the presence of great artists such as Beyoncé, Jay-Z, etc. However, was fascinating last night watching DJ Khaled receiving his award with his daughter in his arms and showing his gratitude about the collaboration with Rihanna.

Respect and Honour were two important elements on the BET AWARDS stage last night with Jamie Foxx showing his excellent singing skills by singing Anita Baker's classic songs.

Anita Baker the winner of the Lifetime Achievements Award gave two important suggestions to the young artists last night, “There are many ways to deal with pain, so choose wisely and meditate!” the soul-jazz singer said upon the Microsoft theatre stage.

Oprah wasn’t present at the show last night but her deeds were there honoured by the host, Jamie Foxx.

John Legend proudly presented the BET School Shooting Heroes Awards and Journalist for the borders.

“No matter where do you start, you do have the possibility to change,” said Debra Lee the winner of the Ultimate Icon Award!

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